Follow this guide and the Program descriptions

365 Day Program For Active Duty MIL LE Fire

Comprehensive 365 Day Program for active duty law enforcement, fire fighters, and military. Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Fire service, Air Force. The program develops all energy systems, planes of movement, and intensities for both genders.  

12 week hypertrophy

Very high volume with low intensity.  12 week program focused on adding muscle and building a greater foundation for strength endurance and absolute strength.  This phase in prior to a true strength program and then will be revisited again at the beginning of the next periodization schedule.  


Moderate Volume with moderate / high intensities.  8 week program designed to follow my hypertrophy program to develop strength endurance and sub maximal strength for sports and the tactical space.   


Low volume with low intensity.  5 week program designed to be used after my strength program.  The focus is maximize velocity with sub maximal intensity.  

BUDs / SF Selection Program

BUDs - Very high volume with moderate intensity.  13 week program that can be worked through twice before moving onto next phase.  This program targets all areas of movement and energy systems necessary for improving  your PST times and overall preparation for BUDs.  At the completion of this phase you will either go back to hypertrophy or begin targeting specific shortfalls in your performance like your run times, swim times, pull-ups, etc.  

Tactical swim

6 week interval swim program designed specifically for improving your lactate buffering capacity that will translate into a faster swim time regardless of stroke chosen.  

Tactical Run

6 week interval run program designed specifically for improving your lactate buffering capacity and your ability to handle greater ground forces.  This will translate into a faster run times and conditioning against shin splints regardless of the run distance, aside from an ultra marathon. 

Tactical push up

6 week supplemental program designed to train the necessary speed aspect of push ups for a physical screening test in military, law enforcement, and fire.  

Tactical pull up

6 week supplemental program designed to improve your pull ups by developing overall back strength, grip strength, and strength endurance.  

SFAS Program

This training program will create a fully capable athlete for any and all military special operations selection courses for all branches of service.  When you are able to complete this training program to the prescribed guidelines you will be physically capable of completing SFAS


This is a real special forces training and preparation program.  Based on sound scientific principles with 18 years of experience as an exercise physiologist and 11 years as a Navy SEAL.  I have teamed up with Jon Stevens a former MARSOC team leader and selection course CADRE.  With our collaboration we have made a comprehensive training program to prepare any candidate for the physical rigors of MARSOC selection.  

12 week Rucking program

12 Week rucking program designed specifically to improve and acclimate a candidate for all forms of rucking or load baring activities associated to military, law enforcement, and fire services.