One-on-one training: consists of 2 days, both days are 3 hrs. This includes education, movement assessments, and training. We need your current PST numbers.

One-on-one CCS swim lesson: can be used as an add-on to the one-on-one training or by itself. This includes Education, skills, and drill work. This can be done in a one day, 2 hour session, or a 2 day session, each day consisting of 2 hrs. Required equipment TYR Flex Fins, goggles and water bottle.

Custom Seminars: for Mil, LEO, Fire, and Federal Agencies: We will work with you to determine the optimal length and focus of the seminar to optimize human performance for your team. Seminars can be done at your location or at ours.

Special Ops Prep Course: This is a 6 week instructional process. You will acquire the physical proficiency necessary to get you to and through military operation selection courses.

The initial $500 is due at time of purchase as a place holder and is ***NONREFUNDABLE. The remaining $3000 is due upon your arrival.You must be able to meet these physical requirements upon arrival: 50 Sit-ups in 2 min, 50 Push-ups in 2 min, 10 Pull-ups, and a 12:30 min 1.5 mile run.

Once you register, please email for further details, questions, and updates about this course.

***Zoom calls will begin 2 x month once the class has been filled regarding all questions. Space is limited.