Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you specialize in?

I am an exercise physiologist and strength coach specializing in tactical performance.

Which program do I start with?

What if I can’t find my program download link?

As soon as you have paid for your training program, you will see a page confirming your order. You will also see a Download Now link and e mail confirmation: "You will also receive an email with download links for your digital purchases." If you do not receive the e mail, make sure to check your Spam folder.

Can I do a combination of your programs?

I would suggest not adding any additional programming to Hypertrophy, Strength, power/speed, as additional work will take away form the targeted adaptation. Moreover, during BUDs / SF prep all the necessary running and rucking are in the programs.

What equipment do I need for your programs?

Most programs require access to a full gym. Other equipment required is stated in the programs.

What is included in the membership

The membership includes instructional training videos. We try to keep those ones around 5 minutes. There are upwards of 300 videos. Some of them that are answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition, heart rate, energy systems, belts, shoes... etc. Those videos are longer in duration. You can view video content on the website anytime with the purchase of your membership.

What supplements would you recommend?

questions outside my scope of expertise and ethics

I am not a recruiter nor am I active duty so do not ask me to answer questions such as:

-Age waiver questions

-ASVAB questions

-Eye-sight requirements

-Drug or alcohol related offenses

-Injury assessments. I can only assess injuries in person.

-Meal planning or detailed dietetic advice.

When should I see a recruiter?

When you can consistently pass and exceed the minimum standard for the PST.

What to send in an email?


Current PST numbers

1.5 mi Run (400m) splits

500 m Swim (50m) splits

5RM Bench, Dead, Squat

Proposed timeline

What if I don’t have the necessary gym equipment used in your programs?

Remember the exercises are movements. All you need to do is match the movement patterns. Exercises are movements with additional resistance nothing more. Be creative and resourceful!

What if I can’t do the prescribed percentages in your program?

The primary goal is to complete the reps and sets even if the percentages need to be dropped to a more reasonable value.